Newsday’s redesign, a step in the right direction

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Newsday's new site.

So I thought I would end this blog where this class started. has recently re-designed their website and it took a look at mediabistro to find this out, shows how busy I have been lately.

So how about Newsday’s redesign. I would give it a solid B+. It looks much better, brighter and less dark and drab. One thing that I immediately noticed is the high wire act that was their navigation bar has changed. You can now click on one category and it will bring up a list of sub categories.

The featured story section is still there, but is customized for each section so you will get the top four stories in news and the top four stories in sports. Moreover, those stories each have under them a icon for video, comments and photos that accompany the story. This is great way to show off your multimedia.

There is also a bar on the bottom that will show the day’s most popular stories and gives the readers a chance to submit a news tip, video, photos and events. The best feature on this bar is the my headlines tab. It will let you customize so you will get the news you want all in one place.

What is most noticeable, however, is the site will be free to everyone until January 7th. This is probably some ploy to get more subscribers and it might work now that the site is much better and user friendly.

And that really is the test to see whether the redesign is a success. I think it looks much better and from the short time I spent with it, more user friendly. But we will see what happens.



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