Redesign Angers Facebook Die-Hards

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

1.7 million users of Facebook are apparently appalled by the social network site’s new layout.  The concerned users felt strongly enough to start a petition, according to a article.  The redesign, the second in 6 months, is an attempt by Facebook to compete with other sites such as Twitter.  The new design is sans Newsfeed, Livefeed, Photos and Status update feeds and were replaced with one page that combine them all.  Also, in the spirit of competition, the status update tool has been removed and replaced with “publisher”, a Twitter-like feature that allows users to enter Tweet-like updates that immediately show up on your page and your friends’.

The 1.7 million people who see this new layout severely affecting there lives, are up in arms about some of the inconvenient and somewhat annoying new features.  The new design comes with an overload of information.  Every time a friend sends an invite, for example, you get a notification for every friend they send it to, even if its 100 people.  I agree that this is a wee bit excessive, but definitely nothing to protest over.

The new design definitely has its pros and cons, but just like every other redesign that Facebook has introduced, users will eventually get used to it and will probably forget what the old one even looked like.  I know I will.

In conclusion, get over it! Redirect your enthusiasm for protesting towards something that will really affect society.



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