WikiLeaks has germs.

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

As many people have now heard, WikiLeaks founder and chair Julian Assange has turned himself in for sex crimes charges from Sweden. Since the warrant was issued and the search started Assange has experienced everything from frozen accounts to his organization being likened to a terrorist organization.

Along with these misfortunes WikiLeaks itself, has seen website such as PayPal and Amazon sever all ties with the organization.

According to, after the website released the cables, the website received a number of  “distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.” So in order to get the website up and running again they decided to start “moved their website hosting to the Amazon EC2 Cloud.”

But after a day they would be kicked off. There have been reports that Amazon was pushed by the government to abandon the site, but according to the article on BizCloud the Amazon said the reason was that WikiLeaks violated the terms of service. BizCloud explains the Amazon said the, “the violation occurred because WikiLeaks did not control all of the rights related to the diplomatic cables it released.”

PayPal also followed with its denial of WikiLeaks, ending all financial transactions that went through them. According to BizCloud, PayPal was a method by which WikiLeaks could accept donations. Supporters will no longer be able to donate through PayPal which could mean a major hit taken by WikiLeaks.

However one website has not erased its connection with WikiLeaks. Facebook still allows WikiLeaks’ fan page to stay up.

According to a post on, posts on the WikiLeaks Fan Page were going up by the second.  It seems the germs WikiLeaks is slowly developing doesn’t scare off everyone.


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