Holiday Weekend

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I’m really stoked for this extra-long weekend. Not only am I planning on doing a lot of sleeping, but Fashion’s Night Out is on Friday. If I can get enough cash money to fund a ticket to the city, being a broke college student and all, I may or may not go. A few of my friends are involved with some designers, so that’s pretty rad.

I haven’t had my usual two cups of coffee this morning. Brain=tired.

Oh yeah, and I just saw that the dates for H2o International are up for September 25-26th. Again—-another event I’m planning on driving down for if I can pick up my car in time. I missed Waterfest twice in a row now, so hitting up Ocean City would make up for that.

Happy Weekend.



name game

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My professor and I have practically the same last name except he has “son” at the end of Abrams, whereas I do not.

first post of the fall

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I don't like walking to class to the sound of chirping birds.

Even though this class is really early in the morning, it’s more fun then any of my others.


too bad

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#mce_temp_url#I don’t watch football.  Good luck on rest of the games.  However watch this…

googleimages-penguins-march of the penguins

jo geeks out

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JOURNALISM MAJORS. Read Transmetropolitan and DMZ.They’re awesome.

Classroom chatter!

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I’m just chilling in the corner of the classroom learning how to blog better. Did you know the average blogger is under 30, and that a majority of bloggers use their blog for freedom of expression. Well I do!!! Well kind of not really.

~Juan Rodriguez

P.S. I love omoplatas and flowers


By Juan for Juan

First Post-Labor Day Blues

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So Labor Day, should be a fun day off from school right? Not if you work at Staples and have to deal with screaming children,long lines, and the longest 15 hour shift of your life. I’m officially going to go in a corner and sleep until someone wake me up. Is it Friday yet? I’m not sure h0w I’m still awake at this point.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if my paycheck is ‘buy a new car’ amazing i’m buying a flat screen. My new 19′ thanks you annoying customers.

humor of the day–love it,know it,facebook it:


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