Something I totally want, oh and there’s a tax increase for poor people

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I. Love. Coffee. I heard about the Mypressi Twist last year, but I just saw Gizmodo’s review of it now (a bit late there, Gizmodo).

It’s basically just a portable espresso maker that uses N2O cartridges for heat. Pretttty dope.


And the latest on the tax cuts as reported by the NYT:

“In fact, the only groups likely to face a tax increase are those near the bottom of the income scale — individuals who make less than $20,000 and families with earnings below $40,000.”

Seems pretty unfair to me.



The Kind of Online Video I Dig

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Forget the tripod and the technicalities. I really like quirky videos that focus on something interesting, like this Pinball video.
Mini documentaries that have music and a slapped-together feel are really fun and more attractive than fast news pieces.

The above video about AFOL has all the elements we’re supposed to use when going out to shoot video but less… rushed. And the final product is worth a lot more to me than an everyday piece. I’d much rather be out filming things like this than packages.


Män som hatar kvinnor ***

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Stieg Larsson’s “Men who Hate Women,” more commonly known as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” is nothing short of shocking, sexy and addictive. The book is part of a series of three.

The book is originally titled “Men who Hate Women” and for a good reason. The story of Lisbeth Salander is a tragic one. Of the many turning points in her life, she is placed under guardianship after being declared incompetent by the state. Her “protector” abuses her horribly in a violent turn of events. The story of Harriet Vanger, the missing girl that journalist Mikael Blomkvist has been assigned to “find,” is also disgustingly sad. Both women had their lives ruined at the hands of men.

Only a few of the men in the story seem to have any kind of heart. The journalist is one of them. (Woo!)

The novels were published posthumously in 2009; a film for the first one followed shortly. Both pieces for Dragon Tatoo are in Swedish, but an American remake of the film is in the works. The book has been translated as well.

Here is a film trailer of the Swedish version, Män som hatar kvinnor:

The book is widely available in stores, particularly Target and Barnes & Noble and online.

Curiously, the second novel, “The Girl who Played with Fire,” was quickly made into a film as well. The third and final sequel is strangely more difficult to get, but a Swedish version of this film is in the works.

For more information on the films visit the Internet Movie Database page.

***I’m experimenting with blogging here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure you guys are much better at this than I am! Thanks in advance!


University of Kentucky recruit Ashely Lowery hurdles over a defender!

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In this amazing highlight, Ashely Lowery a current high school football player in Georgia, recovers a botched snap in his backfield and makes an opposing defender look foolish. Rather than juking or trying to run the defender over, the six-foot-one Lowery tucks the ball and makes NBA legend Michael Jordan blush by leaping clean over the defender. The play resulted in a penalty because it is illegal to a hurdle over a defender. Just wanted to say Wow!

~Juan G. Rodriguez

Holiday Weekend

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I’m really stoked for this extra-long weekend. Not only am I planning on doing a lot of sleeping, but Fashion’s Night Out is on Friday. If I can get enough cash money to fund a ticket to the city, being a broke college student and all, I may or may not go. A few of my friends are involved with some designers, so that’s pretty rad.

I haven’t had my usual two cups of coffee this morning. Brain=tired.

Oh yeah, and I just saw that the dates for H2o International are up for September 25-26th. Again—-another event I’m planning on driving down for if I can pick up my car in time. I missed Waterfest twice in a row now, so hitting up Ocean City would make up for that.

Happy Weekend.


Four day weekend, say what?

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These short weeks are completely throwing everything out of whack. Sure, a three-day weekend into a two-day week sounds fantastically delicious on paper, but what’s going to happen when a real week goes into a normal length weekend? I’ll tell you, everyone is going to feel like they got slammed by a truck when Monday morning rolls around.

On a much more positive note: football season is here. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball, there’s just too many games to follow. Football is the sport for those who can only give one day a week.

Stony Brook football lost to USF this weekend, unfortunately and not surprisingly. Those watching and listening saw a glimmer of hope. I guess at some point between the start of the game and that glimmer of hope when SBU was ahead 14-7, USF remembered that they were playing a game of football and just curb stomped Stony Brook with a final score of  59-14.

Side note: I’m wicked excited that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Starbucks and cannot wait to satisfy the caffeine addiction that I have developed from working at Dunkin Donuts for almost four years.

Wait, what? DD employee drinking Starbucks?


I miss my Jeep. Beep beep.

P.S. It better not rain on the Pep Rally today. Stony Brook Football vs. America International on Saturday!! 7 pm game time with pre-game festivities starting around 6 in front of Kenneth P. LeValle Stadium



jo geeks out

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JOURNALISM MAJORS. Read Transmetropolitan and DMZ.They’re awesome.

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