Redesign Angers Facebook Die-Hards

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1.7 million users of Facebook are apparently appalled by the social network site’s new layout.  The concerned users felt strongly enough to start a petition, according to a article.  The redesign, the second in 6 months, is an attempt by Facebook to compete with other sites such as Twitter.  The new design is sans Newsfeed, Livefeed, Photos and Status update feeds and were replaced with one page that combine them all.  Also, in the spirit of competition, the status update tool has been removed and replaced with “publisher”, a Twitter-like feature that allows users to enter Tweet-like updates that immediately show up on your page and your friends’.

The 1.7 million people who see this new layout severely affecting there lives, are up in arms about some of the inconvenient and somewhat annoying new features.  The new design comes with an overload of information.  Every time a friend sends an invite, for example, you get a notification for every friend they send it to, even if its 100 people.  I agree that this is a wee bit excessive, but definitely nothing to protest over.

The new design definitely has its pros and cons, but just like every other redesign that Facebook has introduced, users will eventually get used to it and will probably forget what the old one even looked like.  I know I will.

In conclusion, get over it! Redirect your enthusiasm for protesting towards something that will really affect society.



iPad part deuce

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It appears that the people at Apple are ready for more of your money. Apple will be releasing the new Apple iPad in February, according to an article on

Apple has already sold about 7.5 million of the popular tablet device since its launch in 2009. The device is so popular that the sales numbers of small net-books have dropped immensely.

The new iPad will likely feature things such as a camera for video calling and a thinner design.

Foxconn Electronics plants in china have been notified that the will ship 400,000-600,000 iPad within the next 100 days, according to

Hopefully, the new iPad 2 will be as useful as in this MadTv skit that predates the existence of the current iPad.


~Juan Rodriguez

American Psycho hits Broadway

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This is just too much. It seems that so many movies are being adapted for the Broadway stage. Movies like Elf, Tarzan, Legally Blonde, The Addams Family, Spider-Man and Catch Me If You Can.

But the latest addition takes the cake.

American Psycho.

I read this and did a double take. American Psycho, really? It’ll be a blood bath on stage. The audience is going to leave full of Uptown Manhattan yuppie 80’s serial killer. I couldn’t take the movie seriously since it was a total satire on a certain working class in New York City. How am I supposed to take this seriously? Or maybe it’s meant to not be taken seriously?

The first act has been written according to an article from Time Magazine.

The whole production has been in the works since 2008 and the producers of the play, David Johnson, Jesse Singer, Nate Bolotin and Aaron Ray, gave the New York Post a sneak peek into some of the scenes that will be included in the play:

* Bateman lures business associate Paul Owen back to his Manhattan apartment. Bateman puts on a raincoat so his designer suit doesn’t get bloody and hacks up Owen with an ax.

* He bumps into “Tom Cruise” in the elevator of the Upper West Side building where they both live. Bateman refers to Cruise’s film “Cocktail” as “Bartender.” Cruise corrects him and points out that his nose is bleeding.

* Bateman and his yuppie friends compare business cards at a swanky Upper East Side restaurant. Noting his peers’ classier cards, Bateman becomes so jealous he finds it hard to breathe.

The first scene mentioned is going to be hilarious on-stage and I would want to go just to see that.


P.S. Everyone have a happy holiday!!  I’ll leave you with this. All of our mothers are like this to a degree (unless you don’t celebrate Christmas)

Pentagon Papers….Part Two?

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That is what some people are calling the recent classified material leaked to theNew York Times and other European publications by WikiLeaks-an organization that claims to be dedicated to exposing official secrets.

WikiLeaks is headed by Julian Assange (shown above), and the organization’s goal is to obtain government documents from as many countries as possible and show them to the world. Assange is best known for exposing U.S. secrets. He and his staff have gotten their hands  on hundreds of thousands of classified government documents on subjects that include the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and most recently, U.S. Embassy cables.

On Sunday November 28, 2010 the embassy leaks began; becoming the largest set of confidential documents ever released to the public. The documents will give allies and enemies alike unprecedented insight into U.S. Government foreign activities.  The some 250,000 telephone logs will release  numerous conversations between the State Department and over 270 American global diplomatic outposts. New York Times publishers claim to edit out information that would endanger American informants or compromise national security, but many say this is impossible. Times’ Public Editor Arthur Brisbane says the paper did take a reputational risk in doing business with WikiLeaks.

I am torn. Does this exemplify journalists as “watchdogs,” or is this just plain anti-American?


The Pope’s changing view on condom use

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Stories regarding the Catholic church are always ones of interest because of the huge gap between the modern world and the world the Church has had a hard time maintaining. There was an article on the New York Times’ homepage today that stated that “Pope Benedict XVI clearly acknowledged on Tuesday that the need to prevent diseases like AIDS could outweigh the church’s long opposition to the use of condoms.”

A new book will be published next tuesday called “Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Sign of the Times.” According NYT it is “a wide-ranging series of interviews with the German journalist Peter Seewald.”

The entire article in itself is very interesting, going into length about why this statement will shake up people in the world (which always makes for good news) but the one quote that I actually found shocking was the following:

Dr. Haas, a moral theologian, said he had seen an embargoed copy of a new book in which the pope conceded there might be extreme cases in which there were grounds for the use of condoms. “I told the publisher, ‘Don’t publish this; it’s going to create such a mess,’ ” he added.

It seems as though the media and the church will have a hard time ever finding solid ground to stand on together.


The Most Wonderful Time of the (Shopping) Year

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It’s a well-known fact that the delicious holiday of Thanksgiving is often dwarfed by the hype of Christmas, but this year I noticed the presence of Christmas a lot earlier, as in the day the after Halloween!  Articles from the New York Times and the Associated Press both explained this trend as a reaction to a slow consumer month in October.  Stores like Sears and Amazon, for example, featured “Black Friday Now” deals at the beginning of November, in hopes of sparking consumer excitement.

The strategy seemed to work according to a Nov. 21st article on  The article claims that early holiday numbers are encouraging for stores, and  some of it has to do with increased spending in early November.  Early discounting on everything from TVs to sweaters, as well as free shipping campaigns for online orders, roused consumers’ spirits right before the traditional shopping season kicked off.

The trend is being seen as a reflection of the over zealous attitudes of companies towards Christmas, and the improving state of the economy.

“The discounts are having more traction” than last year, BMO Capital Markets John D. Morris said. “Last year, the consumer was more distracted by the larger picture of the economy. They just weren’t in the mood. This year, it still takes the promotion, and the consumer is still deal-driven, but they seem to be less distracted and more in the mood.”



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So at 4am this morning my dorm had a fire drill. After that nightmare it was difficult for me to get back to sleep, so I checked out the news…

Just weeks after Kim Jong Il, dictator of North Korea, announced his successor (his son), and just days after heightened nuclear tensions between the north and south, North Korea fired artillery shells at the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong in the Yellow Sea. The north is using a military exercise by the south as the reason for attacking the South Korean island yesterday; however, the world community does not buy this reason.

The attack seemed completely out of left field–obviously communist North Korea and democratic South Korea do not get along, but everyone thought that after the end of the Korean War in 1953, the aggressive north would stay calm. However, North Korea has been bitter about the island of Yeonpyeong being given to South Korea after the border was reconfigured when the war ended.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming coverage of the conflict.

Here are some cool photos:

Korea at night–

North Korean guard staring at a South Korean guard–

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